Hour 24 - Seed Ship

Spaceships! Well, one spaceship. Well, one Seed Ship. This is the new home for the player's seed collection - a bit more secure than bouncing around on the underside of a rock floating in space. There's also some "It's bigger on the inside!" magic going on here thanks to the power of portals. Oh and I added some new visuals for the sun, partly based on this tutorial, though much simpler.

Spaceships are supposed to fly, though, right? Hmm. Maybe next time.

Some Technical Notes

Now you're playing with portals! But how? This is a pretty simple use of render textures and multiple cameras. The porthole on the ship has a custom unlit material which displays a totally separate ship interior model, via a secondary camera whose output is rendered to a texture. I adjust the angle of this camera based on the ship's rotation to make it feel like you're peering into the ship. 

It's not a full implementation (I can cut corners because my main camera never really moves around that much, and the porthole is pretty small so it doesn't need to be too accurate), but if you're interested how to do proper portals, this is a really nice tutorial.


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