Hour 48 - Androids and Seeds

In this update I've added a few new plant types (art is still placeholder, as always!) and extended the seed system to allow you to differentiate between different seed/plant types. I also got the game running on Android! I've had mobile in the back of my mind for a while, so all I really had to add was support for a "pinch" gesture to zoom the camera (which uses the mouse's scroll wheel on PC).

Some Technical Notes

I've also made some changes to the plant-spawning system so it's a bit more flexible. Rather than creating a prefab for each kind of plant (which will need to be manually updated every time I make significant mesh changes, which is likely to happen a lot) I have one base prefab which I instantiate and then spawn the appropriate mesh as a child of.

I also experimented with some changes to the visuals. I added the Unity toon shader (and some variations thereof) but the results weren't quite right so I've taken that out again for now. I'm thinking a softer style might be more suitable anyway, but still need to play around a lot more (and improve my models..) to get things looking nice.


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