Hour 172 - What's That Sound?

Hello! In today's update I've added audio support, a bunch of  sound effects, and a couple of (I think) really nice music tracks. Even better: all of the audio so far is public domain! Later on I'll post a full list of credits and links to the websites where you can grab the original audio files if anything takes your fancy. Still needs some tweaking, but it's starting to feel kinda nice, I think!?

In less exciting news I also wrote a GameObjectPooler for re-using GameObjects spawned from prefabs, to limit runtime instantiation as much as possible. It's only simple but I'll post the source code for that along with the rest of the project in a few weeks time! 

A lot of these basic systems (audio, pooling, etc.) are pretty generic so I'm hoping to build up a handy little library of code (and assets) that I can use to get a jump start on future projects and avoid re-inventing the wheel over and over. Plus, I'll be posting all the source code and assets online in the public domain so hopefully others can benefit too. :)


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