Hour 160 - Preparing to go Public

So I recently decided that I'm going to release Plantasia (as well as other games I make ) not just for free but also into the public domain, which means anyone will be able to access the full source code and assets and use them any way the like! But this posed a few problems, for one I'm using some assets that cannot be redistributed individually (only as part of a finished product).

To that end I've re-architected Plantasia using a tool called Projeny, such that custom-made Plantasia code and assets are kept separate from plugins, third-party content, assets from the Asset store, and so on. So I can more easily release my stuff on its own later. I'm going to write  a more detailed post about Projeny in the future because it's also really nice for managing dependencies across multiple Unity projects.

I was also using one paid asset in the form of NodeCanvas (a tool for visually creating finite state machines and logic graphs), which posed a much bigger problem. I've actually ended up writing my own (far simpler) solution from scratch. It's been a good learning experience and I'll be making my "ActionGraph" available as a standalone asset that will hopefully be useful to people (as a learning reference, if nothing else) .

With all that out of the way I've also implemented a basic tutorial system and introductory flow for the start of the game (using ActionGraph!). I've also started building content for new types of planetoids - starting with one that has a Japanese garden theme (complete with a mini waterfall)  inspired by my recent travels. The idea being that certain types of plants will only grow in particular environments.


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